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Other foreign buyers decide to purchase property in the name of their Thai husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Experience tells me that this is certainly the most risky way to buy property in Thailand.  I have lost count of the number of times I have seen foreigners lose the full extent of their investment in such circumstances. 

The reality is that lots of relationships in places all around the World end every single day, and relationships in Pattaya, for a wide variety of reasons, tend to be especially brittle.      While blinded by love, no-one ever thinks their relationship will end, but facts show that more often than not they do.  If a Thai who is married to a foreigner buys property, the foreign spouse is obliged to sign an affidavit at the Land Office stating that he or she has no claim on the money used to buy the property.  Thus, irrespective of who actually provided the money, once a property is in the name of a Thai national, their foreign spouse will have no claim upon it if and when their relationship breaks down.  Some foreigners seek to protect themselves by taking a lease of the home from their Thai spouse who is the legal owner of the property.  However, in spite of the existence of this option, my own experience leads me to believe that for most foreign buyers the best way to purchase a house is undoubtedly via the company route.

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