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Advice / Tips on Pattaya Thailand

Experience from Fellow Travelers, Expats and Tourists

Please read carefully and also between the lines. You are in a foreign land, don't let the bright lights blind You !

In general two out of three tourists who come here extend their stay. People come to Pattaya and they don't want to go back home ! There is a large expat community here because of this. It's a great place to live because of the lack of meddling laws that seems to be the norm in Western Countries. People just want to enjoy their lives.
But be forewarned that because of the lack of these same Western Laws there are unfortunately many who may take advantage of it.

Let The Buyer Beware & Watch Where You Step

this will keep you out of trouble most of the time. Talk to the locals, reputations of local business are well known to them.

You are not just in a foreign land but you are in fact in another world

Western thought is for Westerner
Leave it in the West. When in the East do as the Easterners !
Embark upon a New Land, Thailand !

  • Smile whenever and wherever you can.
  • Live and Let Live ! Be at Peace and Enjoy.
  • Move Slowly, Haste makes Waste.
  • Read others through and by their Eyes. Be friendly but let others earn your Trust.
  • Do not Judge too quickly. Learn before you Reject or Accept.

This is just an introduction and we will expand this section with Insider Tips and Knowledge from westerners who live and work in Thailand since more than a decade and even longer.

You may find some helpful information at our Questions and Answers Section

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