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Speak Thai

Some important Thai phrases

It would help a lot if you could speak some Thai before you get here. You will get better prices when bargaining & make friends more quickly. These wav files work on all computers, no need to download a plug-in.


Note: The ending of a statement should end with "Krup" if you are a man and "Ka" if you are a woman.
In English it would be Sir or Madam, but in Thai it is the Gender of the person speaking that matters not the person you are speaking to. : 
( below phonetic is for native English / USA )

Every Day Sayings Food & Dining Counting Numbers & Money

Tip: Write the first Five Numbers on the tips of your Fingers. It took me 2 days to Remember the First Five Numbers but the Rest of the week for numbers 6 to 10.

Thank you Miss Somjit Janthakhan for the use of your voice.
If you want to study in depth go to this site
Thai Language Audio Resource Center

This page was made as a courtesy for all travelers.

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