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E-Mail Translation Account

Save yourself and your business contact or friend time & money. Your friend in Pattaya will not have to pay the Expensive Local Translation and Fax or E-mail fees.
When we receive your e-mail we translate into Thai. If answered we Translate their response into English and send it to you. No more lost letters and no more waiting weeks for snail mail.
All the above for $12 USD or 400 Thai Baht per page * <

To send money to a Pattaya friend look at our Western Unioninfo page

To send flowers or a gift to your Pattaya sweetheart - click here

* Short 1/2 page Translation from English Only.Long E-Mails extra per half page.
We Only have English to Thai or Thai to English
We can not read / decode other languages.

Note: we are not responsible if your friend is to lazy to write back.
$1.50 extra to scan & send photo. Same for e-mail sent upcountry by express post is $5/mailing.

Contact Us if you are interested ...

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