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Cash Money Transfer

Western Union Money Transfer Service

How to properly use this service in Pattaya City

Cooperative office at Bank of Ayudhya see also details at our bank listings

Western Union has special instructions here in Pattaya. It is not the same as your own country. To send money using Western Union you must have the following information. Your friends name with correct spelling. Her address, but she must write this same address on the form when she picks up the money here. You must both know this address, if it is not the same they will not pay her ! You must send her the 10 digit code #. She will also need the name of the Western Union office you are using as there are more than one office here. Your friend will have to go to the Western Union office and fill out a form. She will need her ID or passport. She will then have to sit and wait 30 minutes to one hour for them to contact the main office and process the information. Hopefully they will get the money. Business with any bank here is not an easy matter.

If you need help contact us because we are here to help you and your Pattaya friend. Save your time and money and use our service. We can either deposit the funds into a Thai Bank account of your friend or wire it somewhere else.

Note: Western Union has its own Rate-Of-Exchange we do NOT recommend Western Union as it is quite expensive.

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