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Faq & Help Section
Faq & Help Section Is it expensive Utilities in Thailand:
  Authority (2009/3/5 12:01:33)
Faq & Help Section Renting an apartment in Thailand
  Authority (2009/3/5 12:00:06)
Faq & Help Section How to do a visa run by crossing the Malay border at Hat Yai?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:58:24)
Faq & Help Section How do I obtain permanent residence status in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:57:35)
Faq & Help Section What are ownership types of land titles in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:45:38)
Faq & Help Section How should I remit funds into Thailand for the purpose of property purchases?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:43:44)
Faq & Help Section Should I bring an independent person with me for the land office transfer?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:43:16)
Faq & Help Section Why should I use a real estate agent in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:42:34)
Faq & Help Section What would a typical water bill be for an average size villa or condo?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:40:23)
Faq & Help Section What would a lawyer charge for the transfer and attendance at the land office?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:39:18)
Faq & Help Section What taxes are payable on investment properties or capital gains?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:38:47)
Faq & Help Section What government taxes are levied when purchasing property in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:38:05)
Faq & Help Section Can I get a bank loan to purchase property in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:36:52)
Faq & Help Section If I no longer want to keep a property in Thailand, what are taxes and fees on a sale of property in Thailand? How should I transfer my money out of Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:25:19)
Faq & Help Section Can I legally rent out a property in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:24:44)
Faq & Help Section What are measurements used for land in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:24:18)
Faq & Help Section Can I buy a property in Thailand at my absence?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:23:44)
Faq & Help Section Can a foreigner legally own a condominium unit in Thailand?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:23:11)
Faq & Help Section What is a ?condominium? under Thai Law?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:21:33)
Faq & Help Section What are Thai Laws regarding a land lease?
  Authority (2009/3/5 11:21:07)
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