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Where can I exchange money after banking hours ?
Requested by Lilly and Answered by Anonymous on 20-Jan-2009 15:10 (3982 reads)
There are plenty exchange booth in South Pattaya, Jomtien and North Pattaya open until even 10.00 P.M. during high season.

Later you may try to exchange with some of the local tailor shops or pharmacies, they are happy to make a few bucks and change another day in the bank.

These guys are usually giving you a better rate as in the hotels where you should be able to change 24h but of course with a less favorable rate.

You may call some shops listed in our "Business Finder" Section and ask beforehand for rates they offer.

Good Luck !!

If you have US Dollar sometimes they might refuse to take them better ask before.

Hope someone will file some secret tip after my answer is posted. In Bangkok you can find an exchange trader opposite of Indra Regent hotel at Pratunam. There if you like to exchange more then the usual tourist you will receive a better rate than in any bank.

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