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News : Counseling Center Pattaya offers counseling in English and German
Posted by Authority on 2010/1/7 2:50:00 (2975 reads)


Counseling in English and German language is now available in Pattaya, offered by Richard L. Fellner, an ECP-certified counselor and psychotherapist, in his recently opened Counseling Center located in Soi Kopai, about 300m off Thepprasit Road.

Until now, specialized counseling services were not available in Pattaya before, but now they finally are: Richard L. Fellner brings in 12 years of experience from his successful psychotherapy and counseling practice in Vienna, Austria ? the ?birthplace? of modern psychotherapy.
With his own cultural background and years of experience with Southeast Asian culture, he is well prepared to support foreigners on their specific challenges. ?Most Westerners find it much easier to seek support by a counselor who speaks their own language and understands their culture?, Fellner says, ?and many of them also prefer working out mental strategies to fight their burdens on a conscious level rather than just taking pills.? However, Fellner also cooperates with experienced local medical doctors to ensure proper treatment in cases where supportive medication can speed up the re-balancing process.

Often, counseling can help after just a few sessions.

Counseling has been proven to be helpful for:
? Relationship Issues
? Depression, Social Withdrawal
? Psychosomatic Illness
? Death or other loss
? Worry, Anxiety, Anger
? Procrastination
? Time Management
? Career Choice, Job Issues
? Self-Esteem Issues
? Balancing Multiple Obligations
? Adjustment Issues ('Expat Syndrome')
? Sexual Issues
? Addictions: Alcohol, Drugs, Internet, Gambling, Food,..
? Family Issues
? Childhood/Adolescence
? Burn-out
? Life Goals

Richard is trained in solution-focused Systemic Therapy and Counseling as well as Hypnotherapy, and he works with individuals, couples, families and teams.
Being a psychotherapist following professional European standards, he keeps absolute discretion about consultations according to the 'rule of confidentiality' as it exists in Western countries.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Richard L. Fellner, please call 0854 370 470 or e-mail Richard at

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News : Pattaya City - "Tourist Gic Pack"
Posted by gic on 2008/11/17 10:30:00 (3967 reads)

Global i-care and Pattaya City Pull Together

?Pattaya Tourist Gic Pack? Launch for the Promotion of Tourism in Pattaya Recently, Global i-care (Thailand) Co., Ltd announced that is was proud to have joined with Pattaya City and together produced the ?Pattaya Tourist Gic Pack?. This Tourist Pack has been specifically designed for the promotion of Pattaya and its local businesses to the millions of tourists who visit Thailand each year. As well as providing tourists with a Tourist Gic Card and a free ?1 2 Call? mobile phone SIM card, the Pattaya Tourist Gic Pack will include dozens of special promotions totaling thousands of baht from local Pattaya businesses that will especially appeal to tourists and encourage them to come and visit Pattaya and its many tourist attractions. Moreover, tourists who use their Pattaya Tourist Gic Cards will be helping charities and can win valuable prizes too. Mr. David C. Tyson and Ms. Rujiwan Patumtavaphibal, the President and Managing Director respectively of Global i-care (Thailand) Co., Ltd., were honoured participants at the recent conference held by the Board of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association 2008 at The Green Park Hotel and Resort, Pattaya. Also attending and participating were Mr. Jamroon Vitsavachaipan, the President of Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA), the PBTA Board of Directors, the Board of Pattaya City, and representatives from both the government sector and the media. For more information please contact below: Ms. Kanungporn Wongwien (Nung) PR Manager Global i-care (Thailand) Co., Ltd Tel: 0-2264-1001 Mobile: 086-588-5935 E-mail:

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