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International News : Order of the Golden Fleece
Posted by on 2008/7/30 16:30:00 (5765 reads) News by the same author

stoopid sheeples

PAGAN - against goodness

Dragnet 1987 - akrod the priest == SONY

In 1949, the company developed magnetic recording tape and in 1950, sold the first tape recorder in Japan. In 1957, it produced a pocket-sized radio (the first to be fully-transistorized) and in 1958 Morita and Ibuka made the decision to rename their company Sony (sonus is Latin for sound, and Sonny-boys is Japanese slang for "whiz kids"). Bell Labs licensed transitor technology to Morita and SONY was born.

(Ibuka was instrumental in securing the licensing of transistor technology to Sony from Bell Labs in the 1950s, thus making Sony one of the first companies to apply transistor technology to non-military uses. )

Knight of the Ordre national de la L?gion d'honneur (National Order of the Legion of Honour) is a French order established by Napol?on Bonaparte, First Consul of the First Republic, on May 19, 1802.[1] This world-renowned Order is the highest decoration in France and is divided into five various degrees: Chevalier (Knight), Officier (Officer), Commandeur (Commander), Grand Officier (Grand Officer) and Grand-Croix (Grand Cross).

The order's motto is Honneur et Patrie (Honour and Fatherland), and its seat is the Palais de la L?gion d'Honneur on the left bank of the River Seine in Paris. == SONY

Sony Corporation of America was the first Japanese company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Sony bought Columbia Records and other CBS labels in 1988 and Columbia Pictures in 1989.

Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation -- pushing DRM, former head of and CEO of TELE-TV ( Bell Atlantic), and CBS executive 30 years.Oxford and dual-British American citizen.


Jewish Order

Hallocaust Museum, Simon, Garfunkel, Wolf Blitzer, Jams L Brooks == Grand Master

Steven Allan Spielberg, (Honorary KBE, born December 18, 1946) worth 3Billion == House_of_Bourbon (sweden) -- Commanders & Knights

"Pro Patria" (For Fatherland)

the three crowns refers to the Union of the Crowns, the accession to the thrones of England and Ireland of King James VI of Scotland in March 1603. -- popes crown

Kings (Lords & Ladies) have five ranks of hereditary peerage: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Baron.

Knights (Sir & Dames) exist both within the orders of chivalry as well as in a class known as Knights Bachelor

Officers ... Generals, Cornels, & Captains

the gaurdian of Blue Blood -- Cardinal of Noailles bearing the cross of the Order

The King of France was the Sovereign and Grand Master ("Souverain Grand Ma?tre"), and made all appointments to the order. Members of the order can be split into three categories:

  • 8 Ecclesiastic members

  • 4 Officers

  • 100 Knights

Initially, four of the ecclesiastic members had to be cardinals, whilst the other four had to be archbishops or prelates. This was later relaxed so that all eight had to be either cardinals, archbishops or prelates.

Members of the order had to be Roman Catholic, and had to be able to demonstrate three degrees of nobility. The minimum age for members was 35, although there were some exceptions:

  • Children of the king were members from birth, but weren't received into the order until they were 12.

  • Princes of the Blood could be admitted to the order from the age of 16

  • Foreign royalty could be admitted to the order from the age of 25

Prior to the creation of the Order of the Holy Spirit, the senior order of chivalry in France had been the Order of Saint Michael. This order had originally been created to rival the Burgundian Order of the Golden Fleece, and to help ensure that leading French nobles remained loyal to the Crown. Its membership was initially restricted to a small number of powerful princes and nobles, but this increased dramatically due to the pressures of the Wars of Religion: at the beginning of the reign of Henry III, the order had several hundred living members, ranging from kings to bourgeois. Recognising that the order had been significantly devalued, Henry founded the Order of the Holy Spirit December 31, 1578- thereby creating a two-tier system: the new order would be reserved for princes and powerful nobles whilst the old Order of Saint Michael would be given to less eminent servants of the Crown. This Order was dedicated to the Holy Spirit for commemorating fact that Henry was elected King of Poland (1573) and France (1574) on two Pentecosts.

the gaurdian of UK Kings -- "shame upon him who thinks evil upon it" == House of Bourbon (Carlos)

Members of the Order of Golden Fleece


Galeazzo von Thun und Hohenstein, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller 1925

Paul von Hindenburg, President of Germany 1931

Edward, Prince of Wales 1912

Christoph Cardinal Sch?nborn Archbishop of Vienna 1945 (Counts of Sch?nborn), W?rzburg Residence

The Honorable Pamela Churchill Harriman

Churchhill, affair with Averell Harriman, and Hitler

Daughter of Henry Campbell Bruce, 2nd Baron Aberdare, a peer in the House of Lords. Pamela Digby was educated by governesses in the ancestral home at Minterne Magna in Dorset, along with her three younger siblings. Her great-great aunt was the nineteenth-century adventurer and courtesan Lady Jane Digby, notorious for her exotic travels and scandalous personal life. Pamela was to follow in her ancestor's footsteps, being frequently cited as "the 20th century's greatest courtesan."

At age seventeen, she was sent to a Munich boarding school for six months. Whilst there she was introduced to Adolf Hitler by Unity Mitford.

Her next significant relationship was with Baron Elie de Rothschild, who was married. He supported her financially, and she was schooled in art history and wine-making during this clandestine and short relationship.[3] During this time she also entertained an affair with the writer Maurice Druon and with the shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos.[

U.S. President Bill Clinton appointed her United States Ambassador to France in 1993. The Dayton Agreement was signed in Paris in 1995 while she served as ambassador.

Grand Cross of the L?gion d'honneur on her flag-draped coffin. She was the first female foreign diplomat to receive this honour. President Clinton, in further recognition of her contributions and significance, dispatched Air Force One to return her body to the United States and spoke movingly at her funeral at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

She was buried 14 February, 1997, at Arden, the Harriman estate near, New York

Averell Harriman

  • Vice President, Union Pacific Railroad Co., 1915-1917

  • Director, Illinois Central Railroad Co., 1915-1946

  • Member, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, 1915-1954

  • Chairman, Merchant Shipbuilding Corp.,1917-1925

  • Chairman, W. A. Harriman & Company, 1920-1931

  • Partner, Soviet Georgian Manganese Concessions, 1925-1928

  • Chairman, executive committee, Illinois Central Railroad, 1931-1942

  • Senior partner, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., 1931-1946

  • Chairman, Union Pacific Railroad, 1932-1946

  • Co-founded Today magazine with Vincent Astor, 1935-1937 (merged with Newsweek in 1937)

  • Administrator and Special Assistant, National Recovery Administration, 1934-1935

  • Founded, Sun Valley Ski Resort, Idaho, 1935-1936

  • Chairman, Business Advisory Council, 1937-1939

  • Chief, Materials Branch & Production Division, Office of Production Management, 1941

  • US Ambassador & Special Representative to the Prime Minister of Britain, 1941-1943

  • Chairman, Ambassador & Special Representative of the US President's Special Mission to the USSR, 1941-1943

  • US Ambassador to the USSR, 1943-1946

  • US Ambassador, Britain, 1946

  • US Secretary of Commerce, 1946-1948

  • United States Coordinator, European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan), 1948-1950

  • Special Assistant to the US President, 1950-1952

  • US Representative and Chairman, North Atlantic Commission on Defense Plans, 1951-1952

  • Director, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-1953

  • Candidate, Democratic nomination for US President, 1952

  • Governor, State of New York, 1955-1958

  • Candidate, Democratic nomination for US President, 1956

  • US Ambassador-at-large, 1961

  • United States Deputy Representative, International Conference on the Settlement of the Laotian, 1961-1962

  • Assistant US Secretary of State, Far Eastern Affairs, 1961-1963

  • Special Representative to the US President, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 1963

  • Under US Secretary of State, Political Affairs, 1963-1965

  • US Ambassador-at-large, 1965-1969

  • Chairman, President's Commission of the Observance of Human Rights Year, 1968

  • Personal Representative of the US President, Peace Talks with North Vietnam, 1968-1969

  • Chairman, Foreign Policy Task Force, Democratic National Committee, 1976

  • Member, American Academy of Diplomacy Charter, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Knights of Pythias, Skull and Bones Society, Psi Upsilon Fraternity and the Jupiter Island Club. == Japan Rising Sun

1st Class -- Milton Friedman, == order of Christian warriors known as the Knights Hospitaller or Knights of Malta.

misc... (Papal States)

knight bachelor

  • The word is from Old French bacheler "knight bachelor", a young squire in training, ultimately from Latin baccalarius, a vassal farmer.

  • The Old French term crossed into English around 1300, referring to one belonging to the lowest stage of knighthood. Knights bachelor were either poor vassals who could not afford to take the field under their own banner, or knights too young to support the responsibility and dignity of knights banneret.

  • from the 14th century, the term was also used for a junior member of a guild, otherwise known as "yeomen", or university.

  • Hence, an ecclesiastic of an inferior grade, e.g. a young monk or even recently appointed canon (Severtius, de episcopis Lugdunen-sibus, p. 377, in du Cange).

  • Those holding the preliminary degree of a university (or of a four-year college, in the American system of higher education). In this sense the word baccalarius or baccalaureus first appears at the University of Paris in the 13th century, in the system of degrees established under the auspices of Pope Gregory IX, as applied to scholars still in statu pupillari. Thus there were two classes of baccalarii: the baccalarii cursores, i.e. theological candidates passed for admission to the divinity course, and the baccalarii dispositi, who, having completed this course, were entitled to proceed to the higher degrees. The term baccalaureus is a pun combining the prosaic baccalarius with bacca lauri "laurel berry" -- per the American Heritage Dictionary, "bacca" is the Old Irish word for "farmer" + laureus, "laurel berry," the idea being that a "baccalaureate" had farmed (cultivated) his mind.

The science writer Arthur C. Clarke is a well-known former Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society.

Famous Pythian Knights

The Knights of Pythias was the first fraternal organization to receive a charter under an act of the United States Congress (approved May 5, 1870 [16 Stat. at L. 98, chap. 80]). It was founded by Justus H. Rathbone, who had been inspired by a play by the Irish poet John Banim about the legend of Damon and Pythias. This legend illustrates the ideals of loyalty, honor and friendship that are central to the order.

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (Arabic:Ha-dim al-Haramain al-Shari-fain),a pious title taken by some Caliphs - role as protector of the two holiest cities of Islam, Mecca and Madinah, the Heart of Islam.

The history of the House of Al Saud has been marked by a desire to unify the Arabian Peninsula and to spread what it promotes as a more purified and simple view of Sunni Islam. The House of Saud is also linked with Wahhabism through the marriage of the son of Muhammad ibn Saud with the daughter of Muhammad Abd al Wahhab in 1744.

Though some have put the family's numbers as high as 25,000, most estimates place their numbers in the region of 7,000, with most power and influence being wielded by the 200 or so descendants of King Abdul Aziz.

Sunni Islam was under the authority of the Caliph from Muhammad's death in 632 until the abolition of the caliphate by Mustafa Kemal Atatu"rk in 1924. Since then, no central international authority exists.

`Abdul`Azi-z A-l Sa`u-d, King of Saudi Arabia ( b.1876 -- d.November 9, 1953) was the first monarch of Saudi Arabia. Ibn Saud, a much abbreviated form of his name, was born in Riyadh into the House of Su'u-d (commonly transliterated Saud), which had followed the Wahhabi movement of Islam since the 18th century and had historically maintained dominion over the interior highlands of Arabia known as the Nejd (see First Saudi State and Second Saudi State). Beginning with the reconquest of his family's ancestral home city of Riyadh in 1902, Ibn Saud consolidated his control over the Nejd in 1922, conquered the Hejaz in 1925, and founded the unified nation of Saudi Arabia in 1932.

His later reign saw the discovery of petroleum in Saudi Arabia in 1938, and the beginning of large-scale exploitation of that resource after World War II.

Ibn Saud was the father of some 50 to 60 children, including all kings of Saudi Arabia that have ruled after him.


United Kingdom of Portual

"As a result of the Napoleonic occupation of Portugal, the Portuguese royal family, the Braganzas, went into exile in Brazil, the most important of the Portuguese colonies."

"The end of the Empire in 1889 and the foundation of the republic was a reactionary development following the abolition of slavery in 1888, which had created a serious threat to the interests of the economic and political oligarchy."

United Kingdom of France

Mary Queen of England & Scotland (daughter of Henry IV King of France, sister of Queen of Spain, siter of Duke of Orleans)

House of Bourbon is an important European royal house, a branch of the Capetian dynasty. Bourbon kings first ruled Navarre and France in the 16th century. By the 18th century, members of the Bourbon dynasty also held thrones in Spain, Naples & Sicily, and Parma. Spain and Luxembourg currently have Bourbon monarchs.

Order of Golden Fleece Knights

Royal House of W?rttemberg

Royal House of Saxony

Royal House of Portugal

Royal House of Bavaria

Grand Ducal House of Tuscany

House of Habsburg

Order of Preachers -- (grandmaster is Knight of the Golden Fleece)

Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Vi?osa (also known as The Order of Our Lady of Conception of Vila Vicosa) is an honorific dynastic order of which the Grand Master is the head of the Portuguese Royal House, the Duke of Braganza.

Order of the Garder -- dynastic order of England

Knights for non-Catholics

The title of knight bestowed in the Catholic Church suffers a similar debasement when unworthy candidates are chosen. Consider the knighthood granted a few years ago to the non-Catholic media mogul Rupert Murdoch. After he donated $10 million to the building of the Los Angeles Cathedral, the Pope made him a member of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great in January 1998. This knighthood, the highest lay honor bestowed on behalf of the Pope, is given to persons of ?unblemished character? who have promoted the interests of the Catholic Church and the Holy See. Even some of the media publicly admitted the irony of the act, as headlines announced ?Some May Call it Blood Money,? ?Arise, Sir Rupert, Papal Knight.?

In the temporal sphere, Queen Elizabeth II bestows titles on rock stars like Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger. In the spiritual sphere, Pope John Paul II invites a rock icon like Bob Dylan himself to perform at a Eucharistic Congress, and makes an album with pop stars like Britney Spears. Do they realize how much actions like these serve the revolutionary cause? Who can say? But that is, by the way of the facts, what they are doing. Far from fighting the ?culture of death? they give their tacit approval to elements that constitute it. source

November 3, Rabbi David Rosen, the American Jewish Committee's international director of inter-religious affairs was invested with a papal knighthood. Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Vatican commission for relations with Jews, conducted the investiture that made Rosen a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great. source << Golden Fleece images << Golden Fleece history << June 18, 2007, King Juan Carlos of Spain conferred to Abdullah, the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia, the Catholic Order of the Golden Fleece. With this act, the Order lost its significance.


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