Should I tip and is tipping customary in Pattaya ??

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Should I tip and is tipping customary in Pattaya ??

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Like in every country it is custom to tip almost everyone who is providing good service. Following personnel and establishments do expect tipping :

Waitress, Bell Boy, Taxi Driver (except the Baht Buses, Songtaew)
Mechanics, Hairdresser etc.

You do not need to tip tailors, local Thai restaurants,
sales guys on the beach, massage ladys, policemen, lawyers,
Also high class hotels which do have a service charge levied on every item you consume do not expect tipping. But bell boys might give you special attention if you tip despite your knowledge.

Tip rates:

Waitress from 20 bath to 10% of charge.
Bell Boys from 20 to 100 baht depending on their workload.

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