Can I drink a tap water in Thailand ?

Requested and Answered by Sondra on 22-Jan-2009 07:41

Can I drink a tap water in Thailand ?

There are two types of drinking water here. Distilled water, -found in one liter, recycled plastic bottles and the cheaper kind; then there?s mineral water which, (-:, has minerals to replenish your system and not, as the prior, simple flush more minerals out your figure as you steam and warm in the lovely Pattaya sun.

If you drink tap water you may feel ill, or your stomach feel upset especially because you aren?t used to these strains of tropical bacteria found in our water system. This point is the same reason to be careful eating raw foods. Better Restaurants obvious wash and clean with better water.

However the lovely ladies and old timers here are used to homey bacteria and so they can eat out at stalls everyday. It?s delicious, of course. - If you?re willing to adventure to the right stalls.

But better, Sweets, to just save drinking tap water to emergency situations.

Or as my friend, Authority, says "Never drink the water here - avoid swallowing tap water when showering and cleaning teeth."

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