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Question Where can I learn to speak or even write and readThai ?
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Original answer --- Additional details submitted by Anonymous on 15-Feb-2009 21:40

There are several private and official Thai Language Teachers and Schools. You might have a look at our Business Finder Section or even at the Classified section.
It depends on your native language. It is advisable to look for a teacher who also speaks your native language.

Why not just posting an ad on our Classified Section.

We do not advise to learn Thai from books with phonetics, since the language cannot be transmitted into our arabic letter sounds.
Then better try to learn with locals and try to remember the sound rather than just words in dictionaries.

You may also for a start visit

Just as a rule of thumb if you are good in copying or reproduce sound and tone or if you are a talented singer then you are at a great advantage.

A nice practice is also visiting some local Thai Karaoke clubs where you can grab some Thai. Try to sing to slow songs.

We will soon post some tricks and a very cost effective but time consuming formula to learn Thai fluently and definitely better than average students.

Look for the "insider tips" category in our FAQ section.
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